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2018 Home Staging Highlights

Before we dive into our busiest season this spring, we wanted to pause a moment and reflect back on some of our favorite staging jobs in Cincinnati from 2018.

Staging Homes in Cincinnati

One of the best parts about staging homes in Cincinnati is all the amazing home types we get to style. We're not your cookie cutter home stager, where each interior is indistinguishable from the next. We take the time and care to create a buyer profile for the neighborhood and to stage the home with them in mind.

Sure, it takes a little more time to curate and pull inventory, but it's well worth it in the end. With each staging install we bring thoughtful design and the results are what matter!

Chase Avenue - Northside

Even an open floor plan needs a cohesive color scheme. For this home, we focused on green and orange decor in the first two rooms to create a welcoming, yet funky first floor with a personality! Perfectly suited for the clientele looking to buy in Northside!

Millsbrae Avenue - Oakley

Oakley is a HOT real estate area and homes sell quickly. So it's not a question of if your home will sell here, but for how much. In pockets of the real estate market like Oakley and Hyde Park realtors bring us in to stage the home so they can get above and beyond the asking price and get top dollar for their clients.

For this home we did a full stage job where we brought in our own inventory of furniture and decor, and we also did a color consult for the living room and dining room. We recommended a light cream color to help brighten the space while still highlighting the great architectural features like the cased opening and the fireplace. Previously the living room and dining room were two separate colors, making them feel smaller than what they actually were. Now they flow seamlessly together.

Eustis Farm Lane - Indian Hill

This was an expansive home with beautiful architectural details. Most people would think a home this luxurious would sell itself, but home buyers spending this much on a home still need a little convincing. Staging a home helps potential buyers envision the space as their own and takes the guesswork out of touring a property. There's no question if furniture or decor will look good in the space because it's already there and we've staged to showcase the best potential layout for that room.

Moorman Avenue - East Walnut Hills

Staging goes a long way in large homes as we saw in the last property. We were brought in to re-invigorate the space by switching up the layouts and strategically styling each room. We used a combination of the seller's furniture mixed with some of our own inventory.

This gorgeous home in East Walnut Hills is a great examples of how we stage to attract a targeted buying audience. Not only did our staging help to book more meaningful showings but it increased the perceived value of the home, which resulted in more offers. This home didn't stay on the market more than a day after we staged it!

Which home staging job was your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading!

Nest Home Staging and Design


Need Help Selling Your Home?

We're Still taking on home staging jobs for the Spring!

We stage homes in all conditions of the listing process! The great thing about working with the Nest Home Staging and Design team is that we’ll work with you to find the best solution to your home seller situation. If you’ve already moved into a new home and need to sell your old one we’ll bring in our inventory of furniture to stage the space or if you’re preparing your home for listing we’ll use your existing decor items, but strategically stage them for a greater impact. Either way, reach out to us today to see how we can help decrease the amount of time your home is on the market!

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