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Why You Should Work With a Home Stager

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

When should you hire a home stager?

If you or someone you know in the near future is selling a home, you might want to consider hiring a home stager. Not only why you should hire a home stager, but why you should work with Nest Home Staging and Design!

The reasons are many, but in this blog, we'll highlight some of the key benefits of working with a home stager when trying to sell your property!

Home Staging Justifies the Listing Price of Your Property and Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Think about it. The longer your home sits on the market potential buyers will see a property with a long selling history as a "risky" investment, since it may raise red flags about how good of a deal it is to buy it. That's why, the longer a property is on sale, the lower it goes for. Home staging can help to eliminate the possibility of a price reduction (if your house doesn’t get any offers) or a double mortgage payment (if the property does not get sold right away and you’ve already moved into another home).

Hiring a home stager will help you avoid having an empty property for a long time, since we know the tips and tricks to get people interested in it. Not only will you be selling the place faster, but as a result, you will also be selling it usually for more money.

“My wife Kathy and I invested in a property in Cincinnati. The rehab was recently finished and Nest did the staging. 6 hours after it was listed we had our first offer. The offer was $15,000 over the asking price. Of course our contractor did a fabulous job. But if you want that extra touch and pop so that potential buyers have to have it, allow Nest to do the staging. They were very pleasant to work with and are truly professionals. Without a doubt they know exactly what they're doing!” - Augie Manzanares, a very happy Nest HSD client

Home Staging Gives Your Home the Competitive Edge it Needs to Stand Out in the Real Estate Market

Do you know how many homes are listed for sale on the Cincinnati market? Do you know how many people are looking to buy a home right now? Even during the fall, which is typically the slowest selling season, it is still a highly competitive market. For that reason, you should do what's in your power to get a leg up on the other places that are for sale. Hiring a home stager gives your home a competitive edge in the neighborhood. Since we’ve been around a while, we have a good grasp of the real-estate competition around your property’s listing location. And we know exactly how to present your place to make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers.

Home Stagers Will Have a Different Perspective

When you need a third party opinion look no further! As professional home stagers we’re not emotionally attached to your home. We can see your home as an impartial, third party person. On the initial consultation, we essentially act as a buyer, but better. We provide recommendations on all areas of a property that require attention, including areas that need repair, items that need updating or organizing, items that should be replaced, and rooms that should be updated with a coat of paint.

Home Stagers are Current on Design Trends

We keep up with the latest home and decor design trends to target the exact audience you're seeking to buy your home. Are you looking to sell a modest three bedroom, two bath in Hyde Park or Northside and your target audience is a young professional, first time home buyer? No worries we have farmhouse chic and modern decor for days! But if you're looking to sell a higher-end home in Loveland or Indian Hill, that means we bring in higher-end furnishing and decor to appeal to that buyer aesthetic.

"No matter the size of the home staging job, Jamie delivers. From designing your entire kitchen to picking out the fabric for that special chair in your family room, Jamie brings a special combination of creativity and professionalism. She will help you make the right decision on that paint color you have been debating about or the perfect tile you have been trying to pick for your bathroom. I have repainted rooms so many times trying to get that perfect color, with Jamie, I know my design decisions will be right the first time around!” Heather Stallmeyer - Team Manager & Closing Coordinator, Oyler Group

“My husband and I renovated a home to sell. I found Nest Home Staging and Design just searching Facebook. Christine came out and did the home staging job and she over exceeded my expectations! She brought the space to life. Her eye for detail and use of “dead space” was so impressive! I will be using Nest on all of our home flips from here on out.”- Heather Parker Alley, Another happy client

Staging a Home Helps you Stress Less

Selling a home is stressful enough, so leave it to the professionals like your real estate agent and home stagers.

Ultimately, you should hire a home stager when listing your home for sale to simply stress less. Preparing your home to go on market is already a tedious enough task. With a home stager on your side like Nest Home Staging, you can free yourself from worries of selling a home, making this transition easy, and stress free.


We are still taking on staging jobs for the winter!

We stage homes in all conditions of the listing process! The great thing about working with the Nest Home Staging and Design team is that we’ll work with you to find the best solution to your home seller situation. If you’ve already moved into a new home and need to sell your old one we’ll bring in our inventory of furniture to stage the space or if you’re preparing your home for listing we’ll use your existing decor items, but strategically stage them for a greater impact. Either way, reach out to us today to see how we can help decrease the amount of time your home is on the market! Book a meeting with us today!

New Realtor Referral Program!

Are you a real estate agent we've worked with in the past? If you refer us to a new realtor who hires us for a staging consultation or a vacant staging install, then you'll receive a free in-home staging consult!

Thanks for reading!

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