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Home Staging Tips for Fall

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The heat of the summer selling market is cooling off. Yet, as we head into the holiday season the Cincinnati market is still strong and eager buyers await. Sellers need to be competitive and set their property apart from their competition so if you’re looking to sell in the months to come, follow these tips to prep your home for a fall sale!

#1: Taking Listing Photographs ASAP.

Even if you’re not ready to sell for another couple of months, take listing photographs now. This way trees will still be lush and your lawn will still be green. Usually, the first picture in a real estate listing is the exterior of the home. This is the very first impression you are making on potential buyers and you want to draw them in to view the rest of your property listing. Starting with a favorable first impression with dynamite exterior shots is a sure-fire way to incentivize more clicking and ultimately, a call to their realtor to schedule a tour of your home.

But before you hire a professional photographer or whip out your iPhone:

  • Clean up your yard of debris like leaves, grass, etc.

  • Clear the gutters (yes, we’ve seen some unsightly things hanging down from there).

  • Cut back unattractive overgrowth from bushes and remove dead flowers.

  • Sweep the steps and sidewalks leading to the front door.

  • If you’re feeling fancy, add a decorative wreath to the front door.

  • Last but not leasts, it’s essential to add flowers to the front of a house (front porch, flower boxes, garden beds, etc.)

#2: Give Your Windows a Good Wipe Down (Inside and Out).

Spring and summer can be brutal on the exterior of your windows. Spring brings the rain, while the heat of the summer brings the dust. And guess what? All that piles up on and in your windows. You may not realize just how dirty your windows are, but let us assure you, it’s there. It’s like when you forego cleaning your reading glasses for a couple of days. You adjust to the dirt and smudges and it becomes normal. Then once you clean your glasses it’s like seeing a whole new world. Crisp, clean, and more vibrant. Same goes for the windows in your home.

#3: Remove Clutter From Closets.

With the turn of a new season means a new wardrobe! Autumn brings chunky knit sweaters, fashionable jackets and all the cute little booties! If you’re selling your home during the fall, be mindful as you swap out seasonal clothing. Home buyers desire large closets for storage. You don’t want to fill closets to the brim with coats, hats, and boots, because ultimately this will make it appear smaller. Stay organized with trendy woven baskets to help keep lose items like hats, gloves and scarves contained.

#4: Embrace Autumn Decor.

Think fur pillows, comfy throws, velvet decor and yes, even pumpkins. Keep in mind that there are fun holidays in the fall like Halloween and Thanksgiving. While you don’t want seasonal decor for your listing photos, having them out for open houses and tours is a nice touch.

Keep your decorations and the general feel of your house in tune with the holiday that is coming up. Just like businesses and retail stores do, you can invoke the feeling of the holiday for your potential buyers. Be careful not to overdo the decorations, though. Little touches like this go a long way. When you stage with seasonal decor, potential buyers can then see themselves and their families enjoying the same holidays in your home. Better Homes and Gardens has a great article on getting your front porch fall ready!

#5: Make Sure There is Adequate Lighting

As the days get shorter, the amount of light filling the home fades. So if you want to highlight your home’s best features, be sure to have proper lighting in each room. Remember natural light ALWAYS trumps artificial light. While you can’t necessarily add in windows at will, you can open the blinds and shades as wide as you can during the day. In the evenings, walk through your home to see if there are dim spots and fill in with floor and/or table lamps where necessary. A well-lit home is more welcoming and appears larger.

Overall, stage your home accordingly

  • Give your home a thorough cleaning.

  • Minimize clutter and organize storage closets.

  • Depersonalize your home.

  • Arrange furniture for an optimal layout.

  • Fix minor repairs (think loose door knobs or broken drawer pulls).

Cincinnati Home Stagers

Does preparing your home for the fall market seem a little daunting? Let Nest Home Staging help! We’ve been staging homes in Cincinnati for over five years. One of the things we love about Cincinnati is that we experience all four seasons and are prepared to stage your home accordingly.

the nest home staging and design team

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