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Why Staging Your Home for Sale Works

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Staging your home for sale has proven benefits such as increasing the selling price, but also decreasing the time your home is on the market. Staging key rooms like the living room, kitchen and master bedroom makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

Making a House a Home with Staging

Think about it. If you were to walk into a room without furniture and a drab paint color on the wall your sense of comfort would completely shift. You would feel unwelcome and more than likely want to spend as little time as you could in the space. This isn’t good when you’re trying to sell a home.

When you go to list your home on the market that’s exactly what it should be a home. A place where the buyer can see themselves living with their family and entertaining their guests.

Benefits of Staging a Home

Homeowners and seller’s agents trying to sell properties are seeing homes that are staged are pulling in higher prices and don’t sit as long on the market. Over half (58%) of seller’s agents believed that staging increased the value of a home one to twenty percent.* While the exact cost difference between a home that’s staged versus one that’s not is difficult to quantify, but buyers are willing to pay more when they become emotionally attached to a home.

"​I was against home staging at first and thought our house would look larger, cleaner and sell quickly if it were empty. We moved to Florida and put our Cincinnati house on the market right after we moved. About 2 months into it, we decided to listen to our realtor's advice and stage our house. Our realtor and Nest handled all the staging. Our house was beautiful. We were so happy with Nest Home Staging & Design and would highly recommend them. We staged the first floor, bathrooms and a bedroom. We received an offer on our house within a couple of weeks. My husband and I were in Florida for the entire staging process and it was seamless." JRB - seller

But buyers can’t make an offer on a home they haven’t toured. So the first part is getting them on site to view the property. After every property we stage we have it professionally photographed. We work with Chris Farr, owner of The First Showing, a real estate photography company. And it’s proven that 40% of buyers are more willing to walk through a home online if it is staged.*

From walk-through consultations to full service vacant property staging we have a full range of home staging and design solutions we offer. Whatever your need, Nest Home Staging and Design has an affordable solution for you and your home. We deliver professional, friendly service and a high-quality product at the best price.

*All statistics were pulled from the 2017 Profile of Home Staging from the National Association of Realtors

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